The 2021 Emma Brodzik Scholarship

The 2021 Emma Brodzik Scholarship

GC Shades of Green announces the 2021 Emma Brodzik Scholarship.

The $500 Emma Brodzik Scholarship is available to students who meet the following criteria:

Students Applying Must ...

1) be a Georgia College & State University undergraduate, AND
2) be a first semester Senior or rising Senior (last semester of Junior year), AND
3) have a university GPA of 3.25 or greater, AND
4) be in the process of earning or have earned the GC Sustainability Certificate, OR an Environmental Science major, OR a member in good standing with the Environmental Science Club, OR on the GC Sustainability Council, OR on the GC Sustainability Fee Program.

Scholarship details:

1) The call for applications goes out each year as long as funds are available,
2) Applications are due to the Chair of the GC SOG by email to by February 15, 2021 with date TBD for each year as long as funding exists,
3) Applications are reviewed by all GC SOG Internal Executive Board Members,
4) The Internal Executive Board members will consider recommendations from the external Board and Junior Board members in their final award decision,
5) Awards will be announced at the GC SOG event each year and publicized on GC Front Page, GC social media, and in the local press, etc.,
6) Awards will be available to the recipient following the February funding decision.

Click on the link to the PDF for the application. Fill out completely, follow instructions carefully for the items requiring Word documents to be included with the application, sign and date in your handwriting, scan to pdf and return no later than noon on 02/15/21.

Click on the application here  PDF

Ronald W Smith

GC SOG Internal Executive Board Member and Secretary


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