Max Noah Singers featured on CBS

Max Noah Singers

Max Noah Singers featured on CBS

The voices of Georgia College’s Max Noah Singers were featured in a CBS Sunday Morning segment, performing an old political song called “Hayes Is the Man!”

The performance, which CBS aired Oct. 25, 2020, was recorded during the 2018 Constitution Week celebration at Georgia College and a Trax on the Trail concert, “Trailblazing Tunes and Didactic Ditties.” During that concert, the Max Noah Singers also sang "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too," a campaign song of William Henry Harrison in the 1840 presidential election and two campaign songs from Rutherford B. Hayes’ 1876 presidential campaign. Prior to that performance, Music Professor Jennifer Flory reached out to an old friend, Christie M. Weininger, the executive director of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums. Weininger later asked Flory if any political songs had been recorded. Flory sent her the Hayes recording, which was used in the CBS segment and later on YouTube with more than 124,340 views.

“While Georgia College and the Max Noah Singers were not identified on the recording,” Flory said, “it was quite an honor to have our recording on national television. It’s wonderful to bring presidential campaign music to life through study and performance. To be able to share this with our students, employees and alumni at this time of historical significance in our country is very worthwhile.”

The song can be heard early on in the segment at these two sites:

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