Georgia College to Host Election Integrity Symposium

Georgia College to Host Election Integrity Symposium

Join scholars, practitioners, and fellow students in spotlighting key issues of the election administration system at the Election Integrity Symposium. WebEx seminars will be hosted March 31, at 1 p.m. regarding Efficiency, Security and Equity, and April 1, at 1 p.m. addressing Public Trust and Voter Efficacy.

The Election Integrity Symposium will offer a wide variety of viewpoints on the recent voting concerns detected in the 2020 election. Georgia election official, Gabe Sterling, as well as expert reporters and professors will be speaking at the events and answering student questions regarding election administration. 

“I am excited to hear from a wide range of individuals with different areas of expertise comment on the issues of the 2020 election,” said Brandy Kennedy, Carl Vinson Endowed Chair and professor of public administration and political science. “I think we can only improve our electoral system by reflecting on this past election.” 

The Efficiency, Security and Equity symposium will focus on issues encountered on election day, preventing voters from casting their ballots quickly, securely, and easily. The following seminar, Public Trust and Voter Efficacy, will discuss the importance of public trust in order to ensure participation and acceptance of election results. 

Election administration is a central but often overlooked aspect of public service in the United States. Through the Election Integrity Symposium, students will be able to further understand, not only the technical expertise, but also the ethics and integrity involved. 

To register to attend the Election Integrity Symposium, please visit For additional information, please contact Dr. Brandy Kennedy, Carl Vinson Endowed Chair and Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, at

Updated: 2021-03-30
Brandy Kennedy