Nicholson selected to conduct research in London, UK

Dr. Brantley Nicholson

Nicholson selected to conduct research in London, UK

Congratulations to Dr. Brantley Nicholson, associate professor of Spanish and Latin American Culture, on his selection as a member of the U.S. and Americas Program at the internationally renowned Chatham House in London.

In spring and part of summer (Jan. 2022 through July 2022), Dr. Nicolson will be in residence at Chatham House in London, UK, working on a project called, “The New Global South” analyzing shared Pan-American imaginaries in the American I-85 and Andean Corridors. He will have the opportunity to provide a comparative study between cities such as Charlotte, Atlanta and Raleigh-Durham and their Andean counterparts, such as Medellin, Bogota and Santiago. The project is an extension of research presented in a forthcoming article, titled “Santiago as an Icon of the (New) South.”

According to Nicholson, the New South and the Global South are important concepts in cultural and economic theory. 

“Given my experience growing up in the New South and exploring the Global South through my intellectual focus on Latin America, it struck me that there was a lot of unexplored overlap between the two,” he said. “While I have talked about this new vocabulary with students, especially during our study abroad to Chile, the sabbatical at Chatham House will give me the opportunity to expand on my article, Santiago as an Icon of the (New) South, and expand on the concept.” 

Exposure to the speaker series and leading intellectuals who pass through Chatham House will give Nicholson the opportunity to develop the vocabulary, as he expands the focus to cities such as Medellin, Bogota and Lima.

His passion for this study began when he studied abroad in Chile as an undergraduate in 2003. Nicholson was struck by the similarities between Santiago and his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

“They were booming and undergoing socioeconomic changes in similar ways and at the same time,” he said. “I was not sure what I expected Chile to be like, but similar to Charlotte was not it. I have since been fascinated by the notion of combining the concepts of the global and new souths. In this instance, I explore the I-85 corridors and the Andean corridors. This resonates with Georgia College students who grew up in the Atlanta area, and while we are in Chile, we draw specific parallels between Atlanta and Santiago.”  

Nicholson’s goal is to use the time and effort at Chatham House as a spring board to develop the new project into a book or series of articles. 

“I will also gain fresh ideas to bring into the classroom,” he said, “and hope to make connections that will translate into future invited speakers or study abroad contacts.”

Chatham House is the UK’s equivalent of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations. Founded in the aftermath of the First World War, Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent policy institute that provides authoritative, non-partisan commentary on world events and offers solutions to global challenges.

Updated: 2021-06-07
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