Interim Title IX Coordinator

Interim Title IX Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that, effective September 1st, 2021, Sally Chapman in the Office of Student Life will be taking on the role of Interim Title IX Coordinator. Serving as a Title IX hearing panelist since 2019, Sally will serve the campus community well in this interim period.

In the interest of complying with responsibilities under Title IX, University System of Georgia policies, and Georgia College policies, any report of sexual misconduct to a responsible employee must be reported to the Title IX Coordinator as soon as practically possible. This immediate and direct reporting to the Title IX Coordinator ensures complaints are being addressed promptly and adequately, and most importantly, that parties receive essential resources. The Sexual Misconduct Policy can be found here. For more information on filing a complaint, please contact Sally at (478) 445-8638, or visit the Title IX webpage - Filing a Title IX Complaint.


Sally Chapman

Administrative Coordinator for Student Life &

Interim Title IX Coordinator 

Office of Legal Affairs

208 Parks Hall

(478) 445-8638


Updated: 2021-09-01
Brett Montroy
Legal Affairs