Call for Spring 2022 Supplemental Instruction Support

Call for Spring 2022 Supplemental Instruction Support

The Learning Center is now accepting requests for Supplemental Instruction support for spring semester 2022.  Individual faculty members or departments may request this direct academic support service for the students enrolled in their course(s). The Learning Center is planning to support a number of student SI Leader positions for spring using the peer-led Supplemental Instruction model:

Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SIs) are undergraduate students assigned to a section(s) of particular, often introductory, course. A primary goal of the SI program is to increase enrolled students’ successful completion of historically difficult classes. SIs attend all class meetings, take notes, coordinate with faculty as needed, and serve as models to those students currently enrolled in the section. The SIs lead regular, peer-facilitated study sessions, outside of class time, to discuss course concepts, review or practice material, and help strengthen students’ study skills. SI Leaders host peer collaborative learning experiences which also promote  skills. SIs provide peer collaborative learning experiences which also promote involvement and inclusion  into our culture of learning.

As undergraduates, Supplemental Instruction Leaders are not responsible for grading course work, preparing exams, teaching new material, or assigning grades.  These responsibilities belong only to the faculty or graduate assistants who are hired by the University to teach the course and who are listed as the instructor of record. 

You can find additional details about the criteria we use for the SI Partner Courses attached as well as the below link overview document titled ‘What is Supplemental Instruction’.  link:

It’s time now to plan for SIs for the Fall 2021 semester. If you would like to request SI support for sections in your department or have your faculty members make a direct request, please submit requests via the following online Qualtrics form by COB, Monday, September 13th. We realize this is a rapid turn-around but would like the additional time for recruiting an excellent pool of student candidates. If teaching assignments have not been confirmed for spring but you would like to keep this support option open, please request an SI Leader with course assignment pending. We are happy to adjust.

Please fill out this short Request Survey here:

All academic disciplines are eligible to apply for SI Leader positions; the Learning Center will continue to hire, train, and supervise the SI Leaders as well as survey faculty partners and the participants at the end of the semester. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Allocation decisions will be announced to recipient departments on or about September 16th,  allowing time for us to recruit, collaborate, and identify candidates for the best matches for our SI Leaders. We will partner with you in identifying SI Leaders this month and early October; students selected as SI Leaders can utilize Priority Registration to ensure their availability to audit your course section so the sooner we work on this, the better!



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