GC Writing Center Drop-Ins

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GC Writing Center Drop-Ins

Do Your Courses Have Writing Assignments? 

Each discipline or field you write for approaches writing tasks a bit differently! Now is a great time to learn some fundamentals that will assist you in your courses this semester for writing in the disciplines.

Come to the GC Writing Center's Drop-Ins to Learn...

  • Types & genres of writing
  • Standard elements
  • Take-away tips
  • How the Writing Center can assist you with your assignments
  • How to Make an Appointment with the Writing Center


Wednesday, January 19th:

Business - 1:30 PM (w/Aron & Mary) / Join online @ https://gcsu.webex.com/meet/aron.liebig              

Music - 1 PM (w/Mary & Aron) / Join online @ https://gcsu.webex.com/meet/mary_mead

Business - 6PM (w/Shannon & Grace) / Join online @ https://gcsu.webex.com/meet/shannon.yarbroughgcsu.edu

Bio Sciences - 6:30PM (w/Grace & Shannon) / Join online @ https://gcsu.webex.com/meet/grace_cote

Updated: 2022-01-13
Joy Bracewell
The Writing Center