Homecoming 2022: Feeling '22 Bobcats' Version

Homecoming 2022: Feeling '22 Bobcats' Version

Please read this email in its entirety as it includes all pertinent information that students need in regards to Homecoming. To view the schedule of events, please go to www.gcsu.edu/homecoming. All events are listed with their corresponding links to sign up. Here is the timeline for necessary sign ups, as well as for campaigning and voting:

Parade: The form to sign up to participate in the parade is now open. The form will close on February 18 at 5pm. Sign up here.

Concert: Tickets are on sale from January 31 until February 25. They will be on sale Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm on the 2nd floor of the Student Activities Center. Student tickets are $15 and you may buy one (1) guest ticket for the same price. The concert is not open to the public, but students, faculty, staff, and alumni have the opportunity to purchase an additional ticket to give to a non-GC affiliated person. Please bring your Bobcat card when you purchase your ticket.

Homecoming Court: Those individuals who plan to represent their organization by running for Homecoming Court may sign up at this link. The link will open at 8am on January 28 and close at 5pm on February 7. All corresponding dates for campaigning, voting, etc. are listed on the sign up link. 

Tent City: If your organization would like to have a tent at Tent City, please fill out this form. The form will remain open until February 11 at 5pm. Tent City will last from 12pm – 4pm and will occur in the Centennial Center parking lot. You do not have to be a part of an organization in order to attend. Additional information will be sent to students in regards to obtaining a wristband for the event.

Updated: 2022-02-02
Kristy Johnson
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