University Housing helps in transition to college

M eet junior nursing major Taya Green. She's served as a Community Advisor (CA) in University Housing for two years and plans to next year as well. CAs live on a wing in a Central Campus residence hall or at the West Campus apartments. They work closely with students in their area throughout the year, developing a rapport with each of the residents. They help organize programs, assist students in finding campus resources and distribute information to residents. 

Taya shares how the foundations built in Housing can help you throughout your college career. 

Taya Green
Taya Green

What year are you? I'm a junior

What’s your major? I'm a nursing student

Where are you from? I'm from Toccoa Georgia, a small town

How did you decide to become a CA? I saw flyers around campus and inquired about the position then decided that it would be a good fit.

How do CA’s help students with issues and get acclimated to campus? CA’s are the people a resident looks to for guidance on campus. Being a freshman and not knowing much about the campus or the resources the campus offers can be difficult to maneuver, so CA’s help bridge the gap.

What’s the benefit in your perspective to choosing your roommate instead of being assigned one? It gives residents more autonomy and comfortability in knowing the person they will be sharing a space with. Having the option of choosing your roommates would really benefit the transition to college life because you're living with someone you know you connect with. 

How does living on campus help students adjust to their first year of college? I think it helps ease the transition of being on your own for the first time. It can be difficult to manage at first. For the Central Campus residence halls, it's convenient because you can just walk to class. You're still figuring out where you are and how to get around, but just being able to have that close proximity of classes and where you live is great. 

Any advice you’d give to first-year students? Remember why you’re at school, choose wisely who you befriend and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Cat Crew helps during the move-in process.
Cat Crew helps during the move-in process.