Welcome, Bobcats! First orientation in full swing.

T wo hundred and thirty-nine new Bobcats and their families met for the summer’s first orientation June 10.

And it couldn’t be a better time. This was the first in-person orientation since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It’s good to see students milling about, laughing and enjoying campus.

“Understand and explore what interests you,” said President Cathy Cox during her welcome address. “We can help you find and pursue your dreams.”

Georgia College ambassadors and admissions staff educated incoming students on campus resources and shared ways to connect with fellow Bobcats.

Shawn Brooks, vice president of student life, invited students to stand and introduce themselves to one another. His request was met with big smiles and enthusiasm as the room erupted in socialization. 

Caroline Leonard (center) brought students together.
Caroline Leonard (center) brought students together.

Following their initiation into Georgia College, students set out with orientation leaders. These upperclassmen are trained to introduce new students to campus. In one group, orientation leader and senior accounting major, Caroline Leonard, interviewed students and encouraged them to share their interests. From chemistry majors to undecided, she helped students out of their shell. 

Students wore their passions on their lapels, indicating what aspects of campus life interested them and where they’d be residing their first year. 

Cox captured the spirit of orientation in her closing remarks to students.

“We can help you change the world,” Cox said.