Class of 2026: Biology major reflects on father’s advice for success in college

Class of 2026: Biology major reflects on father’s advice for success in college

Reese Monroe attended Georgia College’s first in-person orientation in June 2022.

With Father’s Day just a week away, both Reese and his father, Jeffery Monroe, talked about the next steps in Reese’s educational journey.

Reese Monroe
Reese Monroe

Where are you from?

Macon, Georgia

What high school did you attend?

The Academy for Classical Education.

What is the most important thing you learned in high school?

To do my best work, not half do it.


Biology; I plan to do pre-Med.

Why did you choose Georgia College?

I always saw Georgia College while driving through Milledgeville, so I thought ‘why not here?’

Jeffery Monroe: I grew up in Hancock County, and so Milledgeville and Georgia College were a part of me growing up. I was pleased that he chose Georgia College. He's not too far from both his grandmothers. I think he chose well.

What activities/sports/community service will you pursue in college?

I’m just excited for the whole college experience.

How do you feel about your son starting that college experience? 

Jeffery Monroe: It is going to be interesting because he's a little bit of an introvert. I'm thinking that a college experience may draw him a little bit more out of his shell, expose him to a lot, which a liberal arts experience would do for him. So, we're looking forward to it.


I think the great thing about the college experience, especially at colleges like Georgia College, is the great number of people that you meet from parts of the state that you've not visited before and getting to know those people and establishing friendships that stretch across the state and stretch across the nation, that's the great thing about coming to college.
– Jeffery Monroe

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given, and who shared it with you?

It was probably my dad; he said just try your best at everything you do.

Is there any advice that you were given, or that you are reflecting on today, as you’re watching your son make this step: 

Jeffery Monroe: It's not about any one particular thing—any magic bullet. It's about habits. If you can establish habits of reading, preparing, keeping yourself situated, staying up on your work, you'll be successful.