Class of 2026: First-year student uses entrepreneurialism to follow passion, address issues

Class of 2026: First-year student uses entrepreneurialism to follow passion, address issues

Full name: Chloe Perkins

What town/state you’re from:
Carrollton, Georgia  

Chloe Perkins
Chloe Perkins
I’m looking into nursing.

Why did you choose Georgia College?
It's really pretty, and I like that it's small. I think it’ll be easier to focus around here. I feel like in other, bigger cities, I would get way too distracted.

And now that you're here, taking that first step into this new role. How do you feel? I feel good. A little nervous—very nervous—but I'm excited.

Are there any things that you're looking forward to with this new experience? I'm looking forward to getting moved in and getting my dorm decorated and meeting my roommates.

What is one of the most important things that you learned while you were in high school?
Healthcare and CPR. I learned a lot about anatomy and how to use that to help out.

Are there any teachers that you had in high school who made an impact on your life and your educational path that you would like to give a shout out to?
Mrs. Carmen Dill. She was my culinary arts teacher. She helped me learn basic recipes and how to take care of yourself.

So you had a culinary program? Yeah, we did. It was really nice. We had a professional kitchen, and three times a week, we would go there and do Trojan Take Out, where teachers could order food, and we would make casseroles and stuff that they could take home to their families.

And how do you think that prepared you for stepping out on your own right now? Just knowing how to make my own food. I mean, we obviously have the dining hall, but it’s good for later in life.

What is the best piece of advice that's been given to you and who gave it to you? Lindsey, my uncle's girlfriend, said “everybody’s new [at college], don’t be nervous.”

Is there anything that you'd like to share with people that you meet today or people you might meet during this first part of your experience in Georgia College? Yeah, if you want secondhand clothes, I have a thrifting account on Instagram.  You can visit @Chloesthriftsandcandles. I do a lot of shopping and [thrifting] is pretty environmentally friendly.

So you're an entrepreneur as well? Yeah, sort of. I have a shopping addiction and this helps get rid of some [the clothing I buy]. But you're finding a healthy way to feed that shopping habit. Yes. And I really like styling people, it’s a lot of fun.