Social Media Policy Update

Social Media Policy Update

In combination with the new Institution Online Resource Governance Policy, the Social Media Policy was updated last year with an effective date of January 1. 

Here are a few highlights of the changes to the Social Media Policy: 

  • Any new social media account will need to go through an approval process before the account is created.  
  • Accounts must abide by Georgia College’s branding resources in order that Georgia College maintains a unified presence online. 
    • Accounts must identify themselves as “Georgia College”, “Georgia College & State University”, or “gcsu” somewhere in the display title of the page. The preferred social media handle is @gcsudepartmentname, @gcsu.departmentname or @gcsu_departmentname. 
    • Accounts must use an official department extension logo provided by University Communications as the account profile badge. This logo is designed to fit as a badge on any platform.  A unit may use a photograph from the official campus gallery in lieu of the official extension badge. 
    • Athletic departments will use the official athletic extension logo as their profile badge. 
  • All official university social media accounts must post at least twice a week or a minimum of 15 times per semester. 
  • Passwords and logins should be known and maintained by account administrators as well as their direct leadership and should be updated once a semester. 
  • Upon termination, employees must turn over all social media accounts, usernames, and passwords to unit leadership before departing the university as part of the termination process. 

You can view the entire Social Media Policy within the Policies, Procedures, and Practices Manual. 

For questions or clarification please email

Updated: 2023-01-24
Joshua Smith
(478) 445-4477
University Communications