GCSU’s Chief Sustainability Officer serves on state’s new composting board

Lori Hamilton.

GCSU’s Chief Sustainability Officer serves on state’s new composting board

The United States Composting Council (USCC) recently approved the newly formed Georgia Composting Council (GACC) with Georgia College & State University’s Chief Sustainability Officer Lori Hamilton serving as a founding board member and treasurer.

Georgia is the 16th state in the nation to have a composting council.

“Being part of this new state chapter provides GCSU, its faculty, staff and students with a new network of resources,” Hamilton said. “GCSU represents the next generation of passionate, creative thinkers and problem solvers—in this case, the next generation of composters.”

“Taking advantage of these new resources could lead individuals to other resources and opportunities,” she said. “The hope is any student regardless of their major or degree can find an opportunity that allows them to take what they learn at GCSU and apply it when they leave.”

The goal of the United State Composting Council (USCC) is to promote composting and recycling for all people and the environment. These practices are central for healthy soils, clean air and a regenerative society.

The new state chapter, the Georgia Composting Council (GACC), is dedicated to increasing the use and production of compost in Georgia.

Hamilton was approached by the Georgia Recycling council, where she is also a member, to serve on the GACC board as well.  Alumna Molly Robbins, volunteered Hamilton at a recycling conference. Robbins is passionate about composting and was a student intern in Georgia College’s composting program. She thought this board would be a great opportunity for the university and Office of Sustainability.

In her new role, Hamilton will help support development of composting within the state, oversee quality control and training, and provide public education and legislative advocacy.

The GACC is currently seeking new members, sponsors and anyone interested in serving on committees.

A press release by the USCC can be found here.

Updated: 2024-02-22
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