Antoinette Reames Art. Love. Vibez

Antoinette Reames Art. Love. Vibez

In this exhibit, viewers will see themes that can relate to any individual, not only those accustomed to professional art. Art. Love. Vibez. invites individuals from any background to experience these artworks, drawing together the diverse community that Antoinette Reames's heart is clearly tied to. Her presence within the Milledgeville community is noticeable through her work coaching youth basketball, being a member of the city council, and connecting to locals through her tattooing. Antoinette’s heart for the community and art have collided in this show and created something that will have a lasting effect on the hearts of those who are lucky enough to witness it.

The exhibit takes place Thursday, April 11, from 5 until 6:30 p.m. in the Underwood House.

Reames began her artistic career at Georgia College & State University where she majored in studio art and played for the women’s basketball team as a student-athlete. After graduating and continuing to pursue her art career, she gave her first tattoo while in Florida. After this experience, she was inspired to study the craft herself. Setting up an at-home studio in her kitchen, she began her practice and over time grew a base of loyal clients. This growth led to the creation of her studio, Black Barby Ink, which in turn, made her the first African American woman to open a private tattoo studio in Milledgeville. Having put together a team of artists that focus on creating individual and unique artworks, Reames has allowed herself to focus on creating art outside of tattooing. During open hours, she paints in her studio, allowing clients to sit and watch her work, talking and sharing her love of art as her paintings come to fruition.

Curated by Basil Cooper, Maggie Standard and Ellen Patton

Updated: 2024-04-02
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