Occupational therapy intern serving Milledgeville this summer

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By: University Communications Intern, Sicilia Reed

B ree Straight walked away from graduation this spring confident in her future. She was going to intern with Twin Lakes Physical Therapy, a Milledgeville-based physical therapy office that offers care like massage, pre- and post-operation care, sports rehabilitation and more.  

“I get to hear what PTs and OTs are saying, but also get a formal relationship with clients and see their experience and their walk,” Straight said. “It's been cool to see just how different of an atmosphere it is being in a building like that compared to when you're in a class.”

The ramp built for a client thanks to the Twin Lakes team including Bree Straight
The ramp built for a client thanks to the Twin Lakes team including Bree Straight

As Straight took public health classes, she also discovered a love for community outreach and service. She and her intern team went to the home of a local resident, who is an outpatient of the clinic, to build a ramp for accessibility to their home.  

“My classes helped me to get a better perspective, like how everyone has different ways of living,” Straight said. “It's helped me be able to better relate to them, talk to them and realize that everyone comes from different places.”

Straight came to GCSU unsure of what her career path would look like, but she knew she wanted to help people. She originally chose to major in nursing, but realized that was not the field she wanted to study. From there, Straight tried the School of Health & Human Performance where she found her passion for public health.

Bree Straight
Bree Straight

While Straight has a student ministry internship following her time at Twin Lakes, she knows that the valuable lessons of patience, service and connection she has found thought her internship will carry her into any career path she chooses to follow. She attributes her future success to her time at GCSU thanks to her classes, career workshops and support from faculty and staff.  

“I feel like it  prepared me if I do decide to go to get my master's. I also feel if I decide to go into ministry, my classes helped me prepare for that because there's so many different aspects about caring for people," Straight said.

“Learning about health in general is great for wherever you go, so I think no matter what I do, I will be assisted by my beneficial major,” Straight said.

Her advice to students curious about the public health sector?  

“Definitely try it out and shadow someone because once you're there and you're in the atmosphere, you will understand a little more of what it actually entails,” Straight said. “We see a lot of shows of people with nursing, 'Grey's Anatomy,' things like that, But you don't understand what the atmosphere is like until you go and do it.”


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