Class of 2028: Ellaville native pursues environmental and leadership studies

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By: University Communications Intern, Sicilia Reed

M atthew Kuipers from Ellaville, Georgia, is a member of Georgia College & State University’s incoming class of 2028. 

Kuipers instantly connected to Georgia College when he first toured campus.  

“The beautiful southern architecture and green space out front remind me of my grandparent’s home, which made me feel right at home and instantly relaxed,” he said.  

His love of nature continues into his intended major, environmental science

“Growing up around nature gave me a deep appreciation and love for it,” Kuipers said. “As I grew, I learned of the various climate challenges our world is beginning to face, and I wish to help save this world I love.” 

This enthusiasm to help leave a positive impact on the natural world came from many different places, and environmental stewardship will be a part of his future in any industry. 

I learned of the various climate challenges our world is beginning to face, and I wish to help save this world I love.
– Matthew Kuipers

Beyond the classroom, Kuipers is excited for many organizations, clubs and opportunities on campus.  

Powerlifting club, ambassadors’ organization and rugby,” he said. "During my orientation, the cheerleaders convinced me to sign an interest form and I am intrigued to see where that goes.”  

“I spent my last few years of high school involved in football and weightlifting and enjoyed it thoroughly,” Kuipers said. "I want to continue my involvement in those kind of activities, and rugby is the closest thing to it.” 

His passion for leadership was sparked by the ambassadors leading his tours, and he looks forward to challenging coursework. 

"Puzzles and logic challenges have always been a fun thing for me, so I am excited for the rigor of college.” he said. 

Overall, Kuipers is delighted to broaden his horizons at Georgia College, have unique experiences and meet new people.  


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