Under 30: Josh Miller

Under 30: Josh Miller

Name: Josh Miller '14

Age: 28

Major at GC: History

Why did you choose Georgia College?

I think the location and size of the school are what first led me to Georgia College. I really wanted to go somewhere where I could feel a little more on my own and find my direction. The size was great. There is a sense of community and personalized attention while also being large enough to have plenty of options and things to do.

Did you have a favorite professor or class?

The history Department was so full of amazing and passionate professors. A lot of my favorite classes were with Dr. Huddle. His lectures were always really entertaining. I took a few film focused classes that really helped spark my love for old films.

Josh Miller is the owner of Outrun Brewing Company
Josh Miller is the owner of Outrun Brewing Company

What inspired you to get into brewing? Why did you decide to create your own brewery?

My brother actually got me into brewing. I had turned 21 and was trying to get into craft beer but didn't really like beer all that much. My brother had been homebrewing and I thought it looked like a very creative and scientific process. I slowly realized that I really liked beer when I could make it the way I wanted. I ended up homebrewing a lot my senior year and realized I wanted to open a brewery someday. After graduating I worked at Three Taverns Craft Brewery and really got to learn a lot about brewing and the brewing industry. My partner and I wanted to start Outrun because we saw a void in the industry. We wanted to create a brewery that focuses on lower alcohol beers in a more relaxed inclusive environment.

What is the best part about your career?

I think for me the best part of being a brewer is the creative outlet. There is a lot of depth to working with beer. It's a really cool blend of science and art. Seeing people enjoy your hard work is a beautiful thing.

What are some beverages that you recommend?

Water is pretty great! As for beers I really like lower alcohol, easy drinking beers. One of my favorite beers of all time is Taras Boulba from Brasserie De La Senne. If you are in the Atlanta area definitely check out Halfway Crooks Beer. They are making some really great beers.  

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