Student Giving Society formed to better represent student body

Student Giving Society formed to better represent student body

Born out of the need to maximize the Georgia College student experience, the Student Giving Society (SGS) was formed in January. Senior Class Giving transformed into the Student Giving Society to be more inclusive of its entire student body. 

To date, 153 students have raised more than $3,106 to support 22 various funds across campus. These include: A Seat at the Table Annual Food Scholarship—feeding students who otherwise may not be able to eat at Georgia College, as one in three students is food insecure; Helping Hands Hardship Fund—assistance for students who suffer from financial hardships due to COVID-19, the GIVE Center—helping students and members of the community, wellness; and recreation—to serve students’ wellness needs, as well as the following university initiatives: 
•    Art Department
•    Athletics Administration
•    Campus Life
•    College of Arts & Sciences Excellence Fund
•    College of Business Excellence Fund
•    College of Education
•    College of Health Sciences
•    Georgia College Panhellenic Council Endowed Scholarship
•    Government & Sociology Department
•    Heritage Fund
•    Information Systems & Computer Science
•    International Scholarships and International Dinner
•    Music Therapy Department
•    NPHC Historical Preservation Foundation Account
•    Nursing Center
•    The GIVE Center
•    Theatre
•    Undesignated Scholarships
•    Women’s Resource Center

Each month throughout the academic year, University Advancement apprises seniors about the program. Beginning in February, freshmen, sophomores and juniors were notified of the SGS.

“We hope our students learn and understand the impact of their gifts as freshmen to seniors and finally, to alumni,” said Julia Sweeney, assistant director Advancement Marketing.

“We also wanted to create an opportunity to recognize not only seniors giving back to campus, but all students who currently experience GC. When they participate, they can truly experience how their donations make a difference in their education.” 

SGA President Amelia Lord introduces the Student Giving Society.
There are benefits to students who belong to SGS. They get more opportunities to engage and connect with alumni, as well as become student leaders in their disciplines across campus. 

“I gave back to Georgia College, because it has provided me with so much growth and opportunity and has given me life-long friends that I will be forever thankful for,” said senior Rebecca Lawrence. “I chose to donate to the Georgia College Athletics program, because the department has supported me throughout my entire college career and has made sure I succeed in every way possible. I hope in my giving that someone else will be able to have the same awesome experience at Georgia College that I have had.”

SGS seniors receive a cord and will be recognized by Dr. Dorman at graduation. Members of SGS will be inaugural members and receive a free t-shirt and gain exclusive access to networking events with alumni and prestigious community members.

Prior to COVID-19, Sweeney also planned to celebrate SGS members with Georgia College’s annual Philanthro-party and unveil its new SGS display. It would've shown yearly participation numbers broken down by class in April. However, it has been canceled.

The act of giving creates a world of opportunities for students.

“Our hopes are for all students to not only understand the impact of their gift and want to participate in giving back to Georgia College, but also to engage in the opportunities we are creating for them,” said Jill Selby, donor engagement assistant for Annual & Constituent Giving. “Through this, we are trying to build a bridge of engagement with alumni, community members and other donors starting as early as freshman year for students to make connections and build relationships.”

To learn more about SGS, contact Jill Selby at 478-445-8637 or