May 2020: Biology senior to work as medical scribe before med school

May 2020: Biology senior to work as medical scribe before med school

Morgan 'Raine' Foulkes

F rom: I’m from Macon, Georgia, but I live primarily in Milledgeville.

Major/minor: Premed and biology major with a minor in chemistry.

Raine Foulkes
Why Georgia College: GCSU is a good fit for me for many reasons. Once I was accepted into GCSU and decided that I wanted to go to medical school, I picked biology, because I knew I could satisfy my premed requirements without a lot of extra classes.

Activities: I tutored chemistry at the Learning Center, and I absolutely loved it. My coworkers and the students who came in were genuinely fun to be around. Also, I am President of the Premed Club and lucky to be part of the premed mentorship with Dr. Ashok Hegde.

Study Abroad: I studied ecology in the Bahamas in May 2017 and had a great time. We spent a lot of time working with local agencies to increase the community's knowledge of reef ecology.

Best memory: One of my favorite memories from college is when I attended the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research with my lab group in Oklahoma City, and we visited the local botanical

Favorite professors: I have many favorite professors at Georgia College, including Dr. Hegde, Dr. Okoth, Dr. France and Dr. Ionta. But, this semester, I have really enjoyed taking Quantitative Analysis with Dr. Wathsala Medawala. She is a very interactive, kind and clear teacher. After graduation, my education will shift away from chemistry. So, I am relishing this class as one of my final experiences in the Chemistry Department.

Raine with one of her cats, Tostita.
Raine with one of her cats, Tostita.
How have you changed in college? Most of all, I have become more aware of the relationship that I have with myself. I'm the same person I have always been—but with greater clarity on what I want out of life.

How are you dealing with the coronavirus crisis? I am a very social and busy person, so my life has changed a lot since before the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Like many others, I spend a ton of time at home in my apartment in Milledgeville. In some respects, this has been a relatively easy adjustment since I was ready for a break before this. But some days are harder than others. Going to the grocery store is especially stressful. I wear swim goggles and a bandana around my nose and mouth in congested public places now. Luckily, my classes have translated well into the online format, and I know how to study. If I were a freshman, I can imagine school would be much more difficult—mainly due to the self-discipline and independence remote learning requires.

Advice for new students:

Focus on what you can control in life and put your energy into making your experiences more positive, rather than less negative. Also, be easy on yourself, we're all still learning.
– Senior Raine Foulkes

Future: In the next 3 months. I’ll apply to med school, and I hope to start at the Medical College of Georgia in August 2021. Until then, I have a job working as a medical scribe for a nurse practitioner at North Macon Family Healthcare. I plan on becoming certified to teach yoga in my gap year as well. I’m not sure what kind of doctor I want to be, but I’m thinking about a combination family medicine-psychiatry residency.