Faculty sets alumna for success, who passes on same to others

Faculty sets alumna for success, who passes on same to others

I t took someone who saw Sarah Kull’s ‘19 skill and talent to help reach her potential.

In high school, Kull had difficulty managing her time and efforts between sports and successfully excelling in school academics. Her freshman year was the most difficult of them all and set the tone of struggle between good grades and strong sport’s performance.

During a tour of Georgia College Kull met William “Bill” Fisher, professor and chair of the Department of Art. He saw Sarah’s creative drive and potential, which sparked his initiative to support her admission into Georgia College.

“She almost didn’t make the cut with admissions at Georgia College,” said Fisher, “but her drive, commitment and optimism helped her thrive at the university level.  She took charge of her own education and made the most of the support around her.”

Once at Georgia College, Kull poured all her effort into succeeding at Georgia College. And, her professors remained right alongside her throughout the journey.

“Many of the professors gave me the resources I needed to thrive, whether it was the Learning Center helping me with statistics or a professor helping me with French,” she said. “Aside from class, my professors always made themselves available for me.”

Fisher made a big impact on Kull throughout her time at Georgia College. She started as an art major, but with his support, switched to mass communications with a photography minor.

“When I didn't know what direction to go or needed advice, Bill Fisher was always there to guide me on the right track,” she said. “Mass comm turned out to be the perfect major for me and I was still able to remain in the art department through my photography minor.” 

Sarah Kull in photography mode with her camera.
Sarah Kull in photography mode with her camera.

Declaring this major made for a smooth transition into her profession.

“Bill Fisher was a great mentor in leading me to the right places,” she said. “And, mass comm gave me a lot of great opportunities. Through my practicum with the Career Center, I was connected with the company I work for now.” 

In some ways, Kull models herself after Fisher in her job as a field sales and marketing representative with Techtronic Industries (TTi). 

Sarah Kull fixes a display.
Sarah Kull fixes a display.

“The way he mentored and guided me in the direction that benefited me, is now what I love to do for other people at TTi,” she said. “Whether it's training, lending a helping hand or encouraging one another—I just like to be a mentor and friend to my teammates, supporting them to excel in their strengths and aspirations.”

Amanda Respess, senior lecturer in the Department of Communication was also one of Kull’s favorites. In one class, Respess made her students learn to think and respond to a task without preparing.

“That lesson impacted me, because it taught me how to problem solve, articulate and think on my feet in a moment’s notice—which is something I utilize in my career, every day ” said Kull. “She was phenomenal and had a big impact on my education, as well.”

Georgia College provided Kull with the resources that she needed to succeed, including study guides, sessions and groups. Kull’s hard work, combined with these resources and faculty support, helped her graduate with Cum Laude Honors. 

“I can't express this enough—how much the professors truly invested in each of us and cared about our success,” said Kull. “They often clarified new concepts for me and would always be right there to say, ‘Let me help you. I want you to succeed, because I care about your overall success.’ That was really encouraging to have throughout college.”

There are many different facets to Kull’s job. As a brand ambassador for TTi, she assures all products look pristine for customers. Throughout the day, Kull accomplishes objectives from her corporate team in stores to help sales initiatives and promotions. She plans small-and-large scale events to drive sales and also enjoys helping customers find the perfect solution for their projects. 

“So many people at Georgia College, like Bill Fisher, have enriched me. It takes the support of many to succeed and do well in this world. If I can invest in someone like others invested in me, then I am more than willing to do so.”
– Sarah Kull

“Whether it’s a customer or a teammate, I love that I get to help people every day,” she said.

At Georgia College, Kull also volunteered with the GIVE Center, Wesley Foundation and Young Life Ministry, where she tutored young students in the community. She showed up for their sporting events, recitals and mentored middle school students.

“I just loved investing in young students’ lives and giving them resources they needed to succeed and grow stronger,” Kull said. “They knew I was there for them. So, it has definitely been ingrained in me to give back to others.”

She balances her career and keeps her spark for photography alive by taking special event photos, such as business, engagement and wedding photos in her spare time.

“I enjoy celebrating people,” Kull said. “I had to keep my love for art and photography in my life, which also gives me a creative edge in my career.”

Kull is passionate about serving people for the greater good. She now draws on those times when her professors’ support and her personal drive pushed her to achieve a 3.62 GPA.

Kull tenaciously paved her path for success throughout school. This determination, along with her Georgia College mentors, inspire her to help others succeed every day.

“So many people at Georgia College, like Bill Fisher, have enriched me,” Kull said. “It takes the support of many to succeed and do well in this world. If I can invest in someone like others invested in me, then I am more than willing to do so.”