Class of 2021: Environmental science major enjoyed hydrology field work and study abroad

Class of 2021: Environmental science major enjoyed hydrology field work and study abroad


T ytiana “Ty” Marie Bentley

Tytiana Bentley on study abroad in the Bahamas.
Tytiana Bentley on study abroad in the Bahamas.
From: Macon, Georgia.

Why Georgia College: I chose Georgia College for its environmental science department. Plus, the fact that a handful of people, who were very important figures in my life, all happened to attend here.  

Major/minor: I’m an environmental science major, because I love nature and animals and I love our planet.  

Activities/organizations: I worked for GC, catering for about 2 years. I was a part of University Chorus and the GCSU Women’s Ensemble. I also participated in community council as treasurer for my freshman dorm, Wells Hall.

Study abroad: My study abroad experience cannot be put into words because it was that amazing. I studied abroad on San Salvador Island in the Bahamas for 2 weeks. It was a GC2Y ecosystems course studying plants and helping people. I learned so much about algae and corrals that opened my eyes to a lot of what’s happening in our oceans.  

Biggest achievement: I received recognition for my performance in Spanish, which was very neat because I didn’t imagine I would do well in foreign language.  

Favorite professor: My favorite professor was Dr. Al Mead, and I have no idea how to explain why, because his classes were far from easy!  

Most impactful or fun moment: Other than my study abroad experience, going to Sapelo Island with my hydrology class to collect field samples for a project was the most impactful or fun moment I had in college. It brought me closer to my lab group, and I gained a HUGE appreciation for field work. It was an amazing experience that sometimes I wish I could relive. There was something very rewarding about going to a different kind of field site.  

What she’ll miss most:  I’ll miss my friends and the professors that helped shape me throughout my college experience. I’ll miss being able to sing in a choir with amazing people. I will miss the home and the life that I made here.

Advice for incoming freshmen: Don’t overdo it! Your first year sets the tone for EVERYTHING going forward, and I wish someone had told me that as a freshman! Do what you can handle; don’t stretch yourself too thin.  

Key to success: Holding onto your motivation. If there’s nothing driving you, it is really hard to succeed in college.  

How she’s changed: I found who I am at Georgia College. I became a much more confident, adventurous and curious person in my time here. I finally found a place where I fit in well.  

Plans for future: I plan to move to Colorado and put this environmental science degree to good use.