Liberal arts approach leads alum to fulfilling career

C lint Burkett, ’15, did not finish his collegiate journey where he expected, like most Georgia College & State University (GCSU) graduates.

Clint Burkett
Clint Burkett
Instead, the Bacon County native discovered his passion for rhetoric through GCSU’s liberal arts approach—dynamic classes for beginning students.

Burkett enjoyed his rhetoric classes, and found them more compelling than his major in early childhood development. That breakthrough led him to where he is now—pastor at The Bridge Church in Blackshear, Georgia.

Since graduating, Burkett has worked in ministry. Before his current position as pastor, Burkett worked as an associate pastor and student director at the church. 

“Whether it be a small setting or a large one, rhetoric helped define my people skills and made me a more confident speaker,” Burkett said. “I developed skills to use in my career, and my rhetoric classes and faculty allowed me to be my authentic self.”

“I joke with people that I went to college to get a degree, and I have the piece of paper, but really what I got out of college was the friendships that will last me a lifetime,” he said.

For years since his graduation, Burkett and his Bobcat buddies made it tradition to travel with their families and catch up. They meet up every year and take a group vacation to the lake.

As they enjoy fun in the Milledgeville sun, the reminisce on their days at GCSU. As the years go by and their families evolve, one constant remains: Burkett and friends will always be Bobcats.

“We are all a work in progress, no one is perfect and we are all growing and moving,” Burkett said. “GCSU and the rhetoric department helped me learn and accept that.”

We are all a work in progress, no one is perfect. We are always growing and moving. GC and the rhetoric department helped me learn and be ok with that.
– Clint Burkett

“In most degree paths you finish work and assignments. In the rhetoric department, you are the assignment,” he said. “You are only as good as how much you are willing to change and learn about others.”

Burkett now spends his days working in ministry and enjoys being with his family. He also is very excited for the next chapter in his life. Burkett is the proud husband of Alaina Burkett and father to Joy, who had her first birthday this year.