Help us promote the SRIS to 65%

Help us promote the SRIS to 65%

Thank you for encouraging students to complete the Student Rating of Instruction Survey (SRIS). We want to provide you with a few suggestions to consider to increase response rates with your students:

  • Research and best practice consistently show that the most significant factor in increasing participation in online student rating surveys is for faculty to express and demonstrate how the results are essential and used in making meaningful course change(s).
  • The next most influential factor is to set aside time to complete the survey(s).
  • Evidence-based practice consistently shows that incentivizing students to complete the survey can increase response rates.

As a reminder, a 75% response rate is desirable, but 65% is the minimum for dependable results to be considered statistically significant.

Thank you for your continued efforts to help us achieve student feedback on instruction at Georgia College & State University.

Updated: 2023-11-08
Center for Teaching & Learning