MIS student finds success in STEM field internship

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By: University Communications Intern, Sicilia Reed

A s summer rolls around, most college students begin their professional careers through the sought-after summer internship. Sydney Logan rose to the challenge this summer as she approaches her senior year. Logan is a management information systems major with a computer science minor who knew she wanted to work with technology from a young age.  

“I hadn't really heard of MIS before looking into colleges,” Logan said. “I loved it because it's a mixture of computer science and business. You get to work with people, as well as technology. So that's why I took MIS because it was kind of a bridge between people and technology. And I love them both.”

Sydney Logan
Sydney Logan

Logan was presented with the opportunity to attend the Grace Hopper Conference in Florida. This conference is dedicated to Hopper’s legacy as a pioneer for women in technology. Logan, funded through Georgia College, was able to attend alongside other students and faculty. Despite over 30,000 attendees, Logan describes her determination to meet with company representatives and hopefully secure an interview for an internship. One company that stood out to her was Northrop Grumman, a military defense company. 

“The competition was high, and I went up to a ton of different companies,” she said. "But when I went to Northrop, they were super interested in my resume. They scheduled an interview for me, and I did the interview at Grace Hopper.”

After a successful phone interview, Logan secured her internship at their location in Florida where she currently resides with other summer interns. Because of the sensitive nature of their work, she was unable to comment on what exactly she has been doing, but she offers advice to other students looking to pursue their own internship.  

“I feel intimidated, but I think it's imposter syndrome. And different people are going to assume where you're at. Some of these interns are sophomores and don't have any experience and some are grad students. So you must learn to ask questions and be honest. Which is hard because I don't want to embarrass myself asking a stupid question. But that's how I'm going to learn.”

So, you must learn to ask questions and be honest. Which is hard because it's sometimes embarrassing. I don't want to embarrass myself, asking a stupid question. But that's how I'm going to learn.

Logan described how she knew she wanted to work in the digital space since she was young, but she did not know in what capacity until she looked internally at her passions versus career goals.  

“I just knew technology needed to be a part of it, but I also knew that I didn't want to just be coding, I need that social aspect,” Logan said, “which is why I went with MIS, but I've always knew I wanted some sort of technology. And I think getting to college has amplified that.”

With those ideals in mind, she entered Georgia College confident of her goals. She enjoyed how through the J. Whitney Bunting College of Business and Technology, she had classes that encouraged holistic business education.  

“It's really rewarding, especially my IT class and IT Networking,” she said. “I took that with Dr. Marshall. For what I'm doing specifically, I think that class is probably the most applicable. It's just so important to have those business classes, because even though I'm more on the tech side, everything leads back to business, right? So with management, I learned how to deal with people. It's also nice to have those skills. It's very rewarding to apply what I've learned.”

Logan offered advice to any students at Georgia College considering MIS or computer science as well.  

“Do not be afraid to reach out for help,” she said. “It's hard, and you're going to have to work hard. And that's a good thing. There are tutors and a lot of amazing resources that you can take advantage of. For me, the professors are amazing. I really value the connection you have with your professors, because I believe our MIS department is amazing. I haven't had a bad teacher in the MIS department. The female professors are amazing."

“There's a reason I'm here," Logan said.  “The professors worked so hard to get students to the Grace Hopper Conference and for them to take advantage of all those opportunities the conference and the Women in Technology Club offers. I recommend getting involved, because everyone wants to see you thrive.” 

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