The Center for Economic Education's 40th Anniversary

Photograph of all participants in the camp with judges and faculty member.

The Center for Economic Education's 40th Anniversary

This past week, the College of Business and Technology celebrated the (belated) 40th anniversary of the Center for Economic Education. This center, launched in 1982, provides economic and financial literacy and educational programming for K-12 teachers. Through a variety of services and programs, the center serves as a source of information and training for economic and personal finance. The center works directly with teachers and civic groups to support their efforts in preparing the next generation for their lives as producers and consumers. Thousands of students have benefitted from the work of the center over the years. 

One of the center’s programs that directly works with students is the Minority Youth in Business Program. This program provides minority students with a chance to pursue career goals and entrepreneurship opportunities while living on campus for a week each summer. This past week, high school students from across Middle Georgia stayed on campus learning about rural entrepreneurship. Their stay culminated with presentations to judges on their business plans. We extend our appreciation to the judges of Friday’s competition: Pierre Clements, ’86, Keri Pompey, ’22, Mike Raymer and Raymell Shannon, ’86.  

We especially thank John Swinton’s leadership, as he was recognized as the 2024 Center Director of the Year by the Georgia Council on Economic Education.

Updated: 2024-06-28
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